please subscribe: materials- one broken, old, or unused cellphone; and some tools
Only a tiny fraction of the matetial you retrieved is gold, and none of it was in a useful state - you won't even be able to sell it. <br> <br>To retrieve the gold properly is a very hazardous process, involving hideously strong acids with highly toxic fumes, and should not be tried at home, and not even in a lab, unless you have training in the proper handling of such substances.
<p>I have detailed a instructable which makes this process safe, although, it is still dangerous and has many hazards present, some of which wont manifest for years after making a mistake.. </p>
Salvage gold from cellphone circuits and lose health. Do not do this work, it is dangerous.He-he.....The mobile phone has about 0.002 grams of gold.
I agree. Salvaging electronics for metals is detrimental to your health.
i never talk on my videos because i don't want to reveal my identity
i am not a proffesional. i am only 14
thats generally gold plating not pure so to turn it in for money you need to separate it from the circuit board or whatever it is plated on to
comments during the video would be helpful, identifying which components are gold, if any of the other components are useful, etc.

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