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i had an old circut board from a rc car whose engine was broken. So i decided to salvage parts from its circuit board old curcuit boards are great if you want to get some supplies like transistors capacitors diodes etc you can do it if you have a solder gun and some desolder braid just put the solder gun on the solder you want to remove and once it melts take the solder braid and it will collect the excess allowing you to reuse the parts. note only reuse lightly used circuit boards dont try to salvage and old broken clickers circuit board, and dont let the parts get to hot or you could risk some leakage or an explosion, but thats only if they are really hot, sum it all up use common sense and be careful when doing this


DJNASHA (author)2013-06-24

you rock

arnefl (author)2012-06-28

I put the board up-side-down on a metal bucket and use hot air. Then the parts fall down into the bucket after a very short time.

mde santis1 (author)arnefl2012-06-28

That's actually a really good idea but what would you use to get the hot air I don't think any thing I have would work unless I put the bucket on the grill and I have a feeling that wouldn't end well

arnefl (author)mde santis12012-06-28

This is the one I use

arnefl (author)arnefl2012-06-28

+ when heating I tap on the board with anything, screwdriver, little hammer... so that they fall down as early in the heating process as possible. Don't forget to have ventilation - the fumes are not that healthy. I don't care much since I already have cancer.

pfred2 (author)arnefl2012-07-22

Tapping parts out depends on hole clearances between the parts and the board. Some boards parts are in much tighter than others. Then if it is a double sided board I find parts are even more difficult to free up unless they are tugged out while heat is applied.

Fumes can indeed get intense. I don't know how unhealthy they are, but they sure don't smell good to me. One thing I'll do is rotate working on several boards at once, that way I don't get any one board too hot for too long.

joshmt2012 (author)mde santis12012-06-28

You can use a micro torch but just make sure you don't get to close

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