I took the sandblasting class at TechShop http://www.techshop.ws. The official title was "media blasting" since there are options to use other media such as walnut shells or glass beads. It is set up with the more typical aluminum oxide. I loved it and was eager to go back and blast something else. I have plenty of rusty tools.

Step 1:

I grabbed 3 that were close to hand on my potting desk and brought them to the TechShophttp://www.techshhop.ws.
I got the key from the front desk which is used to turn on the machine.
Brilliant. Now you can apply <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Fosfatizando-Phosphating/" rel="nofollow">phosphatizant liquid</a>!
I was going to suggest the same thing but you beat me to it. I think the method you proposed is more practical for those without a sandblaster.
Phosphatizant does not excludes sandblasting, on the contrary. Once you removed the rust, phosphatizing the surface you get better protection.
Rimar's method applies a protective coating. You still need to prepare, and clean parts before you coat them though.
Yeah they had better do something or the after after picture will look worse than the before one!
You can take those back next. They'll be all rusted up again tomorrow. Probably worse than before you cleaned them. Well, they won't get worse in a day, but they'll get worse eventually if you don't take steps to protect them.

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