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I like pictures on my picks and i like cards so i was thinking and this came out

Step 1: Materials

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 this is what youre gonna need:

Guitar pick
Spade card or any simbol

Step 2:

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 take your pick and your pen and trace de pick form arround the simbol then grab our cisors and cut the pick and viola


Mario_Killer (author)2010-09-18

i did this but used the club card upside down to look like an arrow

Glockenator (author)2009-11-23

the only problem is paper isnt alot of good for a pick

Joanassie (author)Glockenator2009-12-10

If you can manage to get cards made of something other than paper, your problem won't really be a problem anymore.

Glockenator (author)Joanassie2009-12-11

what i would do is cut out a pick from a cd and stick it to the back of the card

guitarfan (author)Glockenator2009-11-24

 i know it sounds horrible but loocks good

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