Introduction: Saxophone Altoids Survival Kit Using Regular Altoids Tin

Picture of Saxophone Altoids Survival Kit Using Regular Altoids Tin

you will need
altoids tin
chapstick tube

Step 1: How to Put Em' in the Tin

Picture of How to Put Em' in the Tin

do it in the order the pics say to

Step 2: Closing the Tin

Picture of Closing the Tin

you must have tape for this i used black duct tape on the hinge side or it wont close (the lid will be slightly angled)


EmiClarice (author)2014-06-29

Thanks! I should bring this in my school backpack!

modaawesome (author)EmiClarice2014-07-08

or your sax case assuming you have one

BrefelanDesigns (author)2012-01-15

Where on Earth did you find ginger Altoids?

are they rare or somthing

I've never seen them before... The only ones I've seen are: Cinnamon, Peppermint, Wintergreen and (hard to find) Spearmint.... anyways I wonder what they taste like... (err...ginger...I know...)... Anyways I guess it just depends on popularity, on whether or not a store carries them...

My grandparents have had them for close to a year.

My grandparents had them and they said I could have it

monsterlego (author)2012-01-13

What does it do?

modaawesome (author)monsterlego2012-01-13

do you know anyone who plays a saxophone

monsterlego (author)modaawesome2012-01-13

Sort of.

modaawesome (author)monsterlego2012-01-13

you play or do you just know someone

monsterlego (author)modaawesome2012-01-14

I just know someone.

modaawesome (author)monsterlego2012-01-14


modaawesome (author)modaawesome2012-01-13

all it does is tidies up your case so it is not a mess

monsterlego (author)modaawesome2012-01-13


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