Introduction: Scab

how to make a scab - this is an important step to take if you hurt yourself while making something or on something you made.

Step 1: Get Something to Hurt Yourself On!

I recommend getting a new bike with clipless pedals, but suit yourself. powertools would work well too.

Step 2: Get Hurt.

a scrape works best for maximum surface area. cuts are ok too. I discourage puncture wounds.

Step 3: Wait a While.

you should wait a while. some people recommend bandaids or ointment. I don't. you can use soap if you are dirty.

Step 4: Have a Scab.

you will grow a scab unless there is something wrong with you. if you don't you should see a doctor. don't pick at it.



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Gosh! Were you bored? That is soo funny!

The best way to heal a wound is to let your dog lick it. They like the taste of blood, and their saliva and its contents are great for killing germs.

Human saliva is a good disinfectant for wounds

Right. Dog saliva is better.

uh yeah... they also dont brush their teeth but do lick s***

And dog mouths are filled with bacteria and diseases that can eat your flesh... really, it's happened.

But dogs mouths are cleaner than humans :P