here is a nice bottom loading magazined gun its for every one for Christmas.

It shoots around 35-45ft. and has hi power... Enough to break open a battery cover on the screaming serpent sound module.

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cool link

Step 1: Gather These Parts (part List)

this step is to see if you have enough parts so enjoy pineapplebob thegreat made the part list.


5 gray rods
3 yellow rods
48 blue rods
80 - 110 white rods
140 - 160 green rods


8 white connectors
98 blue connectors
7 green connectors
107 yellow connectors
8 red connectors
6 tan clips
30 y connectors
3 ball sockets
20 gray one-slot connectors
8 gray two-slot connectors
114 orange connectors
1 hinge
3 cut in half orange connectors
6 ball joints
10-20 blue spacers
5-15 silver spacers

Totaling: 775

I hope this helps

Step 2: Build the Front Barrel

1.build this pretty simple
2.and this is too
3.hope fully you wern't expecting any thing.:P' " '
4.big part
5.put on all the extras.
6.a new part
7.attach both parts where the spacers are
8.more connections
9.get the part you built that looks like this...
10.and put it on here
12.get this part too
13.put it on here
14.get part
15.slide it into the hole on the front.

Step 3: The Foregrip

1.build these two things there are 13 of each connectors on each rod
2.add yellow connectors on like this
3.connect the other part on as shone in the picture
4.slide some gray rods through the finished product
5.and attach it at the front notice how it hooks on the y connectors are fliped
6.and in the back its just normal.

you might think it wouldn't hold on strong but it dose

Step 4: On to the Barrel/mag

1.ok this is the mane barrel. sorta like on the morrettie
2.different view note the ball joints and sockets coming off are for the trigger.
3.build all these they are for the mag
4.attach one of the parts
5.attach the other
6.get both parts that where just built and...
end step 4!

Step 5: The Body!

this step will show you how to make the body of the gun... bet you new that.
1.build these two little parts
2.build this bigger part
3.build this other big part notice all the blue rods with connectors coming of of them and stuff.
4.pot the parts from the first picture on
5.cont good view to see the scopes top
6.put the other layer on.
end of step 5.

Step 6: Put in the Barrel and Mag Thingy

1.get it positioned
2.more positioning help
3.keep following snap it in place follow my connection point boxes
4.keep following
5.keep folowin

Step 7: The BUTT Lol

1.build this. haven't you built this 2 times it sure seams like it lol
2.ooooo the BUTT lol 1st part
3.the but 2nd part
4.slap them together the...current time is 2:00 A.M. so excuse me if i say stupid things that dont make any sense.
5.the BUTT is in is full but not full form
6.build this easy
7.this is the piece you just built and this is the bottom gray on the bottom
8.this is the piece you just built and its a top view of how it goes on
9.same as pic 8 just a little easier to see I think.
10.oops forgot to tell you to add a red rod there.
aurgg pictures are uploading and I want to go to bed its 2:18 A.M. }:(
11.ad blue rods wherever indicated. still sleepy.
12.build these two parts
13.connect them here
end of step 7

Step 8: The Handle ,trigger ,and Trigger Guard

1.this is the part you will be building!
2.build these little parts
3.different view of the big piece.
4.ad those two parts on to it.
5.build these
6.these too
7.add all of them
8.the trigger house very simple
9. blurry picture but thats how you attach the trigger house.
10.trigger guard!
11.attached trigger guard

Step 9: The Ram/firing Pin

do this step after the gun is complete.
simple simple simple.
1.build the ram seriously this is the hardest part of the gun.... hopefully you didn't believe me
2.insert the firing pin/ram
3.put on some rubber bands

Step 10: The Clip

the second most simple part of the gun. I think.
1.build and gather
2.keep building
3.keep building
4.keep building
5.keep building
7.put the last layer on.
8.ad th first two tan clips
9.ad the two tan clips
10.this is the pusher it dosn't need a stick on the bottom because of the awesome mag on this thing.

just loop the rubber bands through the blue connectors slot and put it on one of the blue rods sicking out of the side.

your done!

Step 11: Connection

this is a cool picture so I added it in.the current time is 2:32 A.M.

Step 12: Atach and Detach the Clip.

1.position th clip under the gun like this
2.get it on all four ball joint connectors
3.to take the clip of pull on a 45* angle downward away from you
4.and its detached.

Step 13: Intro for the Assault Knife

A blade of steel... not steel knex

heres what it looks like

has a throwing ability
it also has the looks... sorta
it can pull hair HARD. don't do it to anyone/thing ,but your self.

part list for knife



dark gray:2

Step 14: Build the Whole Thing

2.build more notice the white rods coming out of it
3.add pic ones parts on to pic twos part
4.ad the rest of pic ones parts on
5.other side view
6 what your done.. already?.. that was quick. lol

I like this .... so Im putting some time into turning this into a bolt-action rifle :D
Nice good luck :D
is there a way to build a clip without the black hand?plz post if possible <br>
Chipotle Was In The Top Ten Most Surprisingly Healthy Foods, Plus I Get The Hottest Sauce Every Time I Go :D
well yeha it's al organic there's vegies and and healthy meats there's really nothing in there that's bad to eat. if you can get a bun from mc donalds without anything at all on it. A dog wont even eat it.
awesome job 5*, super realistic and def. the best replica around
thanks man.
no problem
&nbsp;Dude, one of the best replicas/ mag fed knex guns i have ever seen. Unbelievable job. Faved and 5 stared. Dam this is nice.
yeah this is one of the few guns I've had 2 at a time it was so good.<br /> <br /> If I&nbsp;ever re built it I'd put a zkar system in it..<br />
You can't put a zkar system it it...it doen't have a green rod square construction like most guns, this has a white rod square construction. The spacing is all different.
If I REEEE-made it.
Holy -!
can you make this with 4 Y connectors??
yako now i got like 70 Y's i think
i have like 45
I have like 200... :)
I HAVE OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
lol<br />
I have 100's!
and no ball joint and soccets
and like 30 ball joint and soccets p.s. yako is okay backwords
possibly I think so.
can i have some y's?<br />
........<br />
okay its big i mod it up i set a real scope on it it funny but i modded the ram and it have power its coolnice perfect make more of that good guns and you will be the best knex builder ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
I have something like 50 k'nex men hands.<br />
lol<br />
You should make the Voss. Thats all that needs to be said.<br />
Sorry. But the grip part doesn't goes up. And also the handle it much more straight. Overall NICE&nbsp;GUN&nbsp;! -_-<br />
Not many thing's goes up&nbsp;XD And the fore grip does go up just not as much as i made it go up.<br />
can you use two cutted orange connectors???
yes but 3 or more is better.
Cant u just use a ball socket instead of a broken piece in step 1
No.the bullet would get stuck.<br />
so i have to breack the pieces
yes you must break the pieces and the ball sockets will make the bullet get stuck.<br />
oh well then i cant build the gun i dont sonsider a knex gun if u have to break the pieces but sick gun anyway<br />
so if i use a ball socket the bullet wont get stuck i just want to make sure<br />
oke shoot the gun then just as hard or more gently
does this gun defenitly work because guns i have made in the past have always failed or misfired constantly ( storm 220 and m4 by siletassasain) i really want to build a heavy assault that will definetly work so can i be sure this one will?
AR-4 v3, ZKAR.<br />
it wil work very good (by my than)

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