here is a nice bottom loading magazined gun its for every one for Christmas.

It shoots around 35-45ft. and has hi power... Enough to break open a battery cover on the screaming serpent sound module.

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cool link

Step 1: Gather These Parts (part List)

this step is to see if you have enough parts so enjoy pineapplebob thegreat made the part list.


5 gray rods
3 yellow rods
48 blue rods
80 - 110 white rods
140 - 160 green rods


8 white connectors
98 blue connectors
7 green connectors
107 yellow connectors
8 red connectors
6 tan clips
30 y connectors
3 ball sockets
20 gray one-slot connectors
8 gray two-slot connectors
114 orange connectors
1 hinge
3 cut in half orange connectors
6 ball joints
10-20 blue spacers
5-15 silver spacers

Totaling: 775

I hope this helps
I like this .... so Im putting some time into turning this into a bolt-action rifle :D
Nice good luck :D
is there a way to build a clip without the black hand?plz post if possible <br>
Chipotle Was In The Top Ten Most Surprisingly Healthy Foods, Plus I Get The Hottest Sauce Every Time I Go :D
well yeha it's al organic there's vegies and and healthy meats there's really nothing in there that's bad to eat. if you can get a bun from mc donalds without anything at all on it. A dog wont even eat it.
awesome job 5*, super realistic and def. the best replica around
thanks man.
no problem
&nbsp;Dude, one of the best replicas/ mag fed knex guns i have ever seen. Unbelievable job. Faved and 5 stared. Dam this is nice.
yeah this is one of the few guns I've had 2 at a time it was so good.<br /> <br /> If I&nbsp;ever re built it I'd put a zkar system in it..<br />
You can't put a zkar system it it...it doen't have a green rod square construction like most guns, this has a white rod square construction. The spacing is all different.
If I REEEE-made it.
Holy -!
can you make this with 4 Y connectors??
yako now i got like 70 Y's i think
i have like 45
I have like 200... :)
I HAVE OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
lol<br />
I have 100's!
and no ball joint and soccets
and like 30 ball joint and soccets p.s. yako is okay backwords
possibly I think so.
can i have some y's?<br />
........<br />
okay its big i mod it up i set a real scope on it it funny but i modded the ram and it have power its coolnice perfect make more of that good guns and you will be the best knex builder ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
I have something like 50 k'nex men hands.<br />
lol<br />
You should make the Voss. Thats all that needs to be said.<br />
Sorry. But the grip part doesn't goes up. And also the handle it much more straight. Overall NICE&nbsp;GUN&nbsp;! -_-<br />
Not many thing's goes up&nbsp;XD And the fore grip does go up just not as much as i made it go up.<br />
can you use two cutted orange connectors???
yes but 3 or more is better.
Cant u just use a ball socket instead of a broken piece in step 1
No.the bullet would get stuck.<br />
so i have to breack the pieces
yes you must break the pieces and the ball sockets will make the bullet get stuck.<br />
oh well then i cant build the gun i dont sonsider a knex gun if u have to break the pieces but sick gun anyway<br />
so if i use a ball socket the bullet wont get stuck i just want to make sure<br />
oke shoot the gun then just as hard or more gently
does this gun defenitly work because guns i have made in the past have always failed or misfired constantly ( storm 220 and m4 by siletassasain) i really want to build a heavy assault that will definetly work so can i be sure this one will?
AR-4 v3, ZKAR.<br />
it wil work very good (by my than)

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