Introduction: Scare Pops! (halloween Cake Pops)

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Scare pops! (halloween cake pops)

our cake pops are red velvet (to ressemble blood) and pumpkin sice (for fall theme).

these delicious cake pops are so easy to make noce you follow our tutorial!

please enjoy the video and please vote for us in the halloween food contest.

what you need?:

chocolate melting wafers

food colouring

buttercream icing

royal icing

piping bags

candy decorations (optional)

a red velvet cake

a pumpkin spice cake

lollipop sticks



thebaeloop (author)2015-11-02

i agree with Susan23 but my mom said the video was cool

Alissa_P (author)2015-11-02

These are soo cute. I wish I saw this before Halloween so I could hav made

Susan23 (author)2015-11-02

Cute cake pops.. Maybe imbed the video so it easier to access..

MirandaDancer (author)2015-11-02

Looks so sweet and cute

MirandaDancer (author)2015-11-02

Can I use candy melts instead of chocolate wafers?? +thanks for the informative video

Stellathebaker (author)2015-11-02

Nice editing on the video! Looks very yummy too

IKO123 (author)2015-11-02

Nice pumpkin

IKO123 (author)2015-11-02


screamqueens (author)2015-11-02

Well done job! Love the spider legs

Dylan_brown89 (author)2015-11-02

Looks delicious

Boogiebakers1 (author)2015-11-02

How do I imbed the YouTube video

Boogiebakers1 (author)2015-11-01


Boogiebakers1 (author)2015-11-01

Great video

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