Introduction: School "music Fest" Prizes

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This is a really good way to adjust your limited butged on prizes, and to use your creativity and talent to help with the short amount of money that your school have.

Step 1: Draw a Key Symbol

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First draw the music symbol on a card roughly just using a pencil, then trace it with a marker, and a thicker line on both sides of the principal line.
The template has to be thick because i have to nail it to a base made of the same material: 9mm mdf.

Step 2: Trace the Template on the Mdf

Picture of Trace the Template on the Mdf

Use the template that you already made (previous step) and trace it on a mdf piece.
I use some left overs parts
Trace as many music keys you need. The base has to be flat.

Step 3: Drill Some Holes and Cut

Picture of Drill Some Holes and Cut

Drill holes in the mdf  to insert the sawing machine blade.
cut to the lines and inside the forms.

Step 4: Make the Bottom of the Prizes

Picture of Make the Bottom of the Prizes

cut the bases of the same mdf. i cut squares and draw a line at the middle to attach the music symbols
A pre-hammered the nails leaving just the tip to adjust  the pieces, put some glue and then hammered both together

Step 5: Start Painting

Picture of Start Painting

i first painted a coat of white waterbased paint. Then start with the colors. I did two layers of the same color on each prize.

Step 6: Paint the Details With a Thinner Brush

Picture of Paint the Details With a Thinner Brush

i use a "liner brush", its works to paint lines. I wrote "3rd place, music festival.."

Step 7: Barnish It and Use It

Picture of Barnish It and Use It

i use a marine barnish
and after about 12 hours, use it to award the kids at the music festival!
good luck!


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