Use an old school sweatshirt to make one for your bear.  You could take him to school or make as a memento of your child's time there. 

Step 1: School Sweatshirt for Your Teddy Bear

You will need an old school sweatshirt and a measuring tape to measure your bear.

Step 2: School Sweatshirt for Your Teddy Bear

Keep the cuff and waist ribbing on and cut a sleeve from each sleeve, and the front and back of the sweatshirt from the main body of the original as shown.
Cut out the school badge and the neck ribbing to attach later.

Step 3: School Sweatshirt for Your Teddy Bear

You will need to cut out two pieces for the sweatshirt body and two sleeves as shown to fit your bear. 

Remember to sew all seams on the wrong side of the sweatshirt.

Step 4: School Sweatshirt for Your Teddy Bear

 1.  Sew across the shoulder seams, according to your measurements.  You need a fairly large gap for your teddy's head as they tend to be quite big (sorry bears!).




Step 5: School Sweatshirt for Your Teddy Bear

Attach the top of the sleeve to the main body with the shoulder seam central.

Then, sew up the sides of the sleeves and jumper.


Step 6: School Sweatshirt for Your Teddy Bear

Use the neck ribbing as bias binding.  Sew around the neck on the wrong side, attaching the ribbing to the sweatshirt neck.  Fold the ribbing over the top edge, tuck the raw edge under, and sew on the right side to finish.

To finish, sew your school badge back on.  Now your bear is ready for school!
Any chance of some photos of it being done "for real"?
Oooh - the bear in question went to my son's infant school (they send it home with a different kid every week). I will try to get round to doing another and photographing. I'm pretty new to this......Having fun looking at all the cool stuff that everybody has put on.
Making him a sweater is such a cute idea :) I remember my little brother taking his turn with the teddy bear at school!
That's cool.

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