this science project makes a reaction
real easy to make project
heres what you need
2.dish soap
5.food coloring(any color)

Step 1: Step 1

go ahead and put the milk in the bowl
and put a little bit of food coloring in the milk

Step 2: Step 2

put some dish soap on one end of the q-tip

Step 3: Step 3

put the end of the q-tip in the in food coloring
then watch

thats it
You should explain the science in this. Might be better as a slide show?
<strong>What</strong> is this about? You've not explained it too well (all other comments prior to this are relevant)<br/><br/>L<br/>
title says it's a 'science project', care to explain the <em>science</em>?<br/>
I guess I'm not sure what you're trying to do...maybe a tittle would help?...or an introductory paragraph saying what you're doing?....just a thought
I love seeing beautiful reactions. Well done! Go for more! =)<br/>PS: Explaining the chemistry would make it perfect.<br/>

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