Picture of scrambled eggs w/cheese and sausage
This "ible" will try to show you how I cook scrambled eggs with cheese, I think it's the best way but I'm admittedly bias. I did a search on here and didn't find any "ibles" quite like this so here you go

Step 1: Getting ready

Picture of Getting ready
 Getting started actually takes awhile although you can do it faster by cutting out the 1st step of getting ready.

 1. figure out how many eggs your going to want and set them on the counter for at least an hour
 your also going to need
 Cheese of your choice
  sausage, bacon, ham, shrimp or etc
  hot sauce
  butter, margerine, bacon drippings, lard, olive oil or other cooking oil of your choice
  a glass
  an immersion blender or milkshake mixer or whisk and lots of elbow grease
  Frying pan
  an appetite