Step 3: The eggs part 2 and 3

Picture of the eggs part 2 and 3
scrambled eggs 004.jpg
scrambled eggs 005.jpg
while the sausage is warming up, crack your eggs into the glass, add a teaspoon of water for each egg and a good splash of hot sauce, Im using the juice from a friends homemade hot pepper salad but use what you like.  I don't add salt at this point because I think it makes the eggs tougher but it's up to you.

 Now for what I think sets my eggs apart, I didn't invent it, in fact Waffle House(tm) uses a similar machine to make their omolets. I used to use an immersion(stick) blender but I found the milkshake mixer at a thrift store for $3us !  It will double the volumn of your eggs by adding in air and make the finished results super fluffy...