Scrap Pile Bird Feeder





Introduction: Scrap Pile Bird Feeder

An easy way to care for our feathered entertainment

Step 1: History

A while ago while out curb mining I found a really neat looking 2 tiered tray that was unfortunately missing a leg.  Hung in the yard and filled with bird seed it had a new life and has been attracting a myriad of birds, in fact, probably too many birds and the cardinals tend to chase the smaller birds away so it was back to the possibilium pile to see what I could come up with.

Step 2: What I Found

I came up with a 3 light chandelier kind of thing and the poles from 2 floor lamps as well as some extra pieces from my lamp bucket, I also dug out a garden hook

Step 3: Take It Apart or Not?

I was undecided if I wanted to take the lamp parts out or not but decided to strip it down

Step 4: Here Birdy Birdy

I put the "cups" back on and used a long threaded tube from inside a lamp to give me some room to hang from the hook and finished with a quick coat of paint. The floor lamp base wasn't sturdy enough but with a couple of additional pieces from another lamp driven into the ground all I needed to do was add in some seed



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Great use of materials, wish I could find a similar chandelier to feed my birds with!

thank you! I find similar items on the trash all the time

Love the thoughtful recycling!! Keep up the good work.

thank you DP

I love it! I like it better that what one might buy! thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

thank you sunshine, I was appalled at the prices for bird feeders at a nationwide big stores garden department during a recent browse and they are so "NORMAL"

I totally agree! Making things like this is cheaper and more rewarding!

thank you, I like being a little different