Screen print low fi haloween trick or treating robot onto a t-shirt , canvas or something

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Picture of screen print low fi haloween trick or treating robot onto a t-shirt , canvas or something
spent £2.50 on materials, i had some paint already . this is my method for making your own screen and prints with it.
this process can be achieved with a minimal amount of equipment.and gives striking results.

i have illustrated the basic principal , and included some images of the sort of equipment that is normally used.prices for something that is not made from pink plastic start at around £250.00
how did i come to make my own budget printing instead of buying/renting or even using the proper equipment?  its a long story that started over a decade ago.

waffle alert
  • This method i originally developed at uni ,when the print technician was grumpy and not so willing to go through the process to a scruffy slightly stoned non print department newbie, besides they charged money for screen rental.
  • ( the initial uni workshop inductions/orientations were set up in a way that made it difficult to be inducted into more than one workshop discipline ,sculpture/video/photography or print, i naturally chose sculpture as they had a band-saw , wielder and a free materials scrap pile)
  • Being a stubborn so and so, I decided I did not need a print workshop full of precise, carefully used immaculate printing equipment,(they spent a lot of time polishing metal print things)i was far more inspired by industriously making lots of dubious quality colorful prints, as quickly as humanly possible, in my grotty cluttered studio space .(wanted to do a  Dudley Moore in 'Santa Claus the Movie' making rubbish toys but very quickly)
  • I could have spent 10 weeks petrol money on some desktop silk screen equipment, then some more on a uv exposure unit and the photosensitive gloop.(also this was before i had the luxury of computer literacy) however this purchasing method would have made it impossible to get into uni.i had the options of give up and hide, or give in and grovel, or plan B (beat them)
  • I proceeded by making my own equipment, by breaking the concept down to its bare bones, mesh, stencil and squeegee. i put together a printing method that uses these elements, giving quickly repeatable images with a arty mechanically-organic surface.(imperfections and grid pattern) all done with the absolute minimum expenditure and with a better turnaround time than the print workshop with all there equipment and processes .(my original screen photo on last step) this instructable has some small improvements on my original design.
  • The print technician was much more respectful after my first 20 prints , tho i never stepped into the print workshop again, after my first visit.LOL (to their obvious relief ,my chaotic practice would not fit in well in that environment)
  • The added bonus being, once out of the university i can still screen print should i wish to. and i can spend the money saved on wielding equipment instead!
chris152521 year ago
I really like your technique! Very minimalist and works like a charm. I'm going to have to try this one!
crazyg (author)  chris152521 year ago
Thank you.
Go for it,
Would be nice if you uploaded the results here.