Picture of screen protectors gps and cell phones
buy PS2 screen protectors from Walmart or Radio Shack
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Step 1: Gather all materials needed

Picture of gather all materials needed
screen protectors, scissors, gps and or cell phone

Step 2: Measure and cut screen protectors

Picture of measure and cut screen protectors
after cutting to size peel the plastic cover from both sides one side is sort of tacky(sticky) place this on the screen to be covered

Step 3: Finished products

Picture of finished products
does not take long hope it works good for everyone
SIRJAMES092 years ago
I have a cheap phone without a camera nor does it have a qwerty keyboard....but till I get a better phone, I need to do this with my cell
Those are PSP screens, not PS2
I do not understand....what's the difference?
Could be a bit more descriptive. I like the idea, but it should have more steps (for me).
Wait, why in the world would this instructable need more steps? Just from seeing the intro it's easy to realize what to do. Measure, cut, stick it on. I don't see what's so complicated.
Yeah, it's pretty easy to do, but from the measuring part, just being descriptive, it could be better if he/ she (don't know) did post a step on them doing that. It would be better, but it's still understandable. <-- (Awesome, I didn't mess up on spelling that!)
surely the most important part is preparing the screen, removing grease fingerprints etc...
doo da do (author)  GorillazMiko6 years ago
finally got time to finish hope this will make it easier. Have a good day From Doo Da Do
Brad I.6 years ago
Looks like a good idea. I wonder how well it would work for a touchscreen PDA? Are they as nice as the premium PDA screen covers?
doo da do (author)  Brad I.6 years ago
they last for a while but better the screen saver than the screen will be worth more if U ever decide to sell
Once wile I was geocaching I thought it might rain so I put my MIO digiwalker in a zip-lock bag. I figured since it was covered I wouldn't have to turn it off to put it in my pocket. Well after a few steps I heard the familiar sound of screen taps, so yeah If a zip-lock can let touches happen this can also. Heck I should write an instructable on using baggies as screen protectors. I even know how to make them stick without a sticky substance.
doo da do (author)  Brad I.6 years ago
I think they will work just as well, my friend has a Nuvi but we have not tried this project yet. 3-8-07 Radio shack has the protectors for the Nuvi size GPS this weekend. Have a good day from Doo da do