this is an easy fun machine for 9 to 99 year-olds that cheers you up every time! this machine simply draws lines and circles and makes it look hilarious! kinda :D try make this easy machine when bored or tiered to totally cheer you up!

Step 1: Materials

you wont need such rare materials, but just thees:

1- a small electric (setoff ) motor 1/5 - 3 V
2 - 1 battery 1/5 - 3 V
3- electrical wires 
4- wire stripper masking tape
5- scrap box (cheese box - milk carton - plastic water glass , ...)
6- some thing to spin (a little clay , wood or a pen case)
7- pen or marker
<p>nice bathtub.......jk i like it</p>
Another simple scribble-bot! I love these things and have made a couple myself now. Congrats on first 'ible, you should show a great photo of what your bot patterns create so we can see the bot end result. Very simple though, love it!
thanks! i love these things too! i actually love tinkering and making! i had a video of my patterns but i couldnt upload it in youtube becuz of some internet problems but ill try again:D

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