Picture of scud missile for kids
I was watching a war movie and got inspired.
i saw all these explosions,bullets,casualties and missiles ant hougt mmm let's make something like that but save for kids to play with.

remember macGyver or tour of duty?

Well here is something to make within seconds and with a lot of imagination it got the same effect.
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Step 1: Start

Picture of start
You need to get 3 simple things to start with;

- a pen
- piece of paper
- Matches (for projectiles and to launch it)

Step 2: The pen

Picture of the pen
strip the pen.

Because you'll need the pen holder and the spring.
The rest of it is garbage.

Step 3: Missile

Picture of missile
you need 2 matches each time and the rough side to strike it on.

Step 4: Everything

Picture of everything
this is the complete equipment for the scud missile.

matches en strike

the pen holder and the spring.

also a little piece op paper to keep the spring in place.

Step 5: Step by step to shove it in.

Picture of step by step to shove it in.
On the picture you'll see how to put it together.

You need the pen holder empty.

Than on the bottom of the spring you'll need a piece of paper.Because otherwise after the first launch you're spring is gone.

and finally the missile (matches) to stuff it in.

Push it until the heads are stuck in the pen.

Step 6: Finally

Picture of finally
this it how it is.

a transportable and kids proof rockit launcher.

You need to strike the heads and dan it's


lift off

explosions,terror,war ect of-course with your imaginatio.(war is not funny)

ilpug3 years ago
I want to do this but as a mini crossbow...
modaawesome3 years ago
I love it. mom don't.
Lolz since when did kids get to use matches?
jacobzman5 years ago
can you have more matches
LoneWolf5 years ago
 does it have to be wooden matches? all I have right now are paper ones
Colonel885 years ago
I dont get how the thing gets pushed out by the spring. I mean, do you hav to press some button or do they fly out when u light the matches? How come they dont fly out before but fly out after?
stoker2215 years ago
bowmaster6 years ago
Add flash powder.
daywalker426 years ago
well, the scud name is almost spot on, so inaccurate you have to fire two to feel good about yourself, and so inaccurate they still won't hit the broadside of an encampment 10 feet away XD next the Patriot, a 50 match shooting version designed to shoot down the one in a million chance that a scud gets too close XP
Gothamite6 years ago
lol this gives me an idea that involves gasoline thanks :)
Shentianqi6 years ago
How does the matches shoot? Awesome Instructable!!! Very easy and Detailed!!!
what happens is the matches are pushed up against the spring and wedged in the pen because their heads are to large, when the heads burn off the spring launches them.
what about in and out? like stand in a doorway on launches outside one launches in the house
one* sorry
coolz7 years ago
how do you fire?
Is that tour of duty, full metal jacket or neither in the video? I've seen that scene before but i cant think of what its from.
Umm... Aren't kids not supposed to play with matches? Seriously, don't burn your house down.
That said, I'm making one when I get home.
how do the matches launch? can you add a warhead for CBRNE Attacks.
NeonLime7 years ago
Ive seen this done before except they used a cork ;>
themakeclass (author) 7 years ago
hahahahahah very nice and cheap i like very much