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I made a dress for a carnival I'm going in with my friends, so I decided to show how I made it.

Step 1:

Well first of all you need
stiff netting material in purple or blue
purple or blue material
coloured bath scrunchies
sewing machine
manikin or yourself

Step 2:

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Take your netty stuff and lay it on the floor fold the 2 sides in like triangles(see first pic) then pin it onto the manikin so that the sides meet and pin the edges together

Step 3:

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sew along the edge, when that's done turn it in the other way so that the triangle pieces stick out at the front

Step 4:

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Take a retangler piece of material and wrap it around the model, when the top edges meet pin it with the hole at the front in line with the triangles sticking out, pin it along the edges.

Step 5:

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sew along the edges of the net and material leaving a dropping side which represents waves

Step 6:

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put it on the model take the bath scrunchies and un ravel them.attach them to the front and back like them in.

Step 7:

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Take the zip and me sure the length and cut the dress at the back for the zip . when you sew the zip in fold the cut edges under.

Step 8:

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Try the skirt on to check that it fits

Step 9:

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Take a long strip of material and fold it over with edges in and stitch it.then take to thin strips and sew them to the ends to create the ties

Step 10:

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wrap it on the model.see picture.then take a cutting of the bathe scrunchies and put your hands inside and stretch it.put them over the wrap make two of these see picture.then un tie the back and put the outside strap over the scrunchies so they look like they are tied in.

Step 11:

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decorate it with finish off back comb your hair lightly to give a sea wind effect and glue she's to hair grips and put in you hair, tie some ribbon in random places.add some blue and purple eyeshadow, some glittery blue eyeliner

Step 12:

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finished! hope you enjoyed my sea fairy dress instructable:)the only thing missing is wings that can be made from wire and material, which I haven't got round to yet


Very pretty! I love the colors!

jenise2000 (author)2014-06-16

Its nice :) really purple i thought u were doing blue tho

Also ur rly rly rly far in advance just saying...

cpengelly (author)jenise20002014-06-16

It more sea coloured but my hair gonna be dark blue

EmiClarice (author)2014-06-15

Wow! This is so creative! I like it!

cpengelly (author)EmiClarice2014-06-16


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