heres how to make a seat belt belt
-you will need a old car with click belts like this one (junk yards the best place to find one)prity cheep less then 10dollers
-knife or other cutting tool
-needle and thread

Step 1:

go to a junkyard (because less likely get in to trouble for cutting your dads 1960 cameo seat belts off)
and cut the lach and pull the buckle from the end of roller and test fit middle seat works best

Step 2:

sow it up

Step 3:

where it with pride because you saved $$ from not buying at the store
anyone know how to make these ajustable <br>
hottoppic or in my case one size fits me
That's cool, but you gotta have pretty humongous belt loops to get that through, no? <br />
no i have 5 five of 6 pairs of pants it fits on<br /> <br />
&nbsp;My friend has one of those, except it's made of an airplane seatbelt.&nbsp;
sweetness you dont see one of those everyday<br />

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