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How to: hollow out a book, for stashing your importaint items.

Step 1: Select your target

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Pick a good sized book, something that's easty to work with. I chose an old VB6 database book.
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kirnex2 years ago
Okay, I have to say: CRAZY that you had someone break into your house and steal nothing but books. I have a living room with Cathedral ceilings and a platform surrounding my fireplace about ten feet up. I made built-in bookcases up there with a library ladder so my thousands of books would be out of the way. Now I'm thinking that they're harder to steal, too!

I think I'll definitely have to turn a few of those into a safe like this one. Thanks for sharing this--it's much easier than some of the other similar instructables for hidden compartment books. :)
techboy4112 years ago
i think its a AWSOME idea
guitarfan3 years ago
man i'm gonna do this with a twilight book so no one will try to open it or steal it
n1cod3mus4 years ago
I recently done this to hide my passport in when i went to Rome, but i used a dremmel to cut the pages was way easier and i got a much straighter line down the side of the pages.
JamesTB135 years ago
You must be joking. Seriously, a book thief?
zozo105 years ago
cre8vldy5 years ago
To keep the cut out uniform I just follow the outer edge of the typing...no measuring and large opening inside.
what are you talking about
You always start a few pages in.  A printed pages has borders.  I just put my straight edge along the print or inside the blank border of the page.  Usually around 1" .   I may not explain it well but if you look at the printed page in a novel you can see that the printing is all within the borders and are the same on all pages.
chanchanman6 years ago
i did this to a dictionary and now i can fit my gun my mom and dad dont no about. ands im not joking
bleachworthy (author)  chanchanman6 years ago
I'm not even sure how I should reply to this... I just hope that it's registered in your name.
Scary...you sound young.
Frindledon35 years ago
At the library by my house they have free books in the front of the library that are thick, big and really really old. Check your library for super old books
man this is awesome im making one right now... it takes forever
El Mano6 years ago
When I tried to cut deep, I ended up losing control of the blade and cutting through the endge of the page. Also, whats with seekrit?
it sounds like lolcat for 'secret' to me.
jemm6 years ago
so do i
p o s t i n g...................... i s ................... F_ _ _ _ _ g Awesome!!! (like this tutorial) :b
Nice computer!!!!!! :-)
sir-zeke6 years ago
when i did this it just took me an hour to do this http://www.instructables.com/id/Hollow-Book-1/
sir-zeke6 years ago
to do this i would suggest getting a book from goodwill or some other thrift store
Coliflower6 years ago
"(though I did have one person break into my home and steal nothing but books a few years back.)" Really? Were they valuable or something?
poopmypants6 years ago
thats an awesome idea P.S. you misspelled secret on your disc
0.775volts8 years ago
you can make this go a whole lot faster. get a bucket and mix half elmers glue and half water to make a very thin glue holding the book by its covers, dip the pages into the mixture. let them soak a minute or two, then pull it out, and hang it up to dry (in the same position, covers not touching the wet pages) let it dry (can take a couple of weeks depending on the thickness of the bok) when it's dry, you can drill a pilot hole in the pages and cut out the shape you want with a jigsaw, the glued-together pages can be treated like wood that way. then glue the back cover to the pages and you're done. you can also use a jigsaw/rotozip if you clamp the beejesus out of the book, but it takes practice or you'll ruin the book whilst trying to cut out the pages. still, it's alot better than cutting out pages for 6+ hours.
I make these for a local headshop - if you dip the majority of the book into a liquid, as it dries the pages will warp and become wavy. Good thought tho.
If it can take a few weeks to dry, doesn't that mean it's categorically slower than this technique?
lol definitely . . .though it would be a lot less work . . .maybe that's what they meant?
pwnt LOL
... really?
I wonder, since there are flaws with the glue idea, what would happen if you simply took 2 pieces of scrap wood and really tightly clamped them onto the pages then just used a jig-saw through that without using any adhesives...
Would it be better to clamp the book pages together once its been "dunked" in the glue-water mix? Otherwise it will make the pages all wrinkly!
I gave the dunk method a try. Perhaps because my Reader's Digest condensed book was made of very porous paper, the result was a poofy, "dropped in the bathtub" look. As it dried, the wrinkles did even out a bit more than I expected, but the book will not shut flat. It was a good idea, and worth the experiment, but I don't think I'd recommend it. I've made three so far in which I've brushed glue on the outsides and clamped. So far, it's worked pretty well that way. I did take your advice about the pilot holes and jigsaw. Works quite well, although I haven't gotten around the problem of the jigsaw blades getting dull very quickly. I had to finish with a coping saw, which wasn't too bad. Smoothing the edges of the hole with a dremel tool was necessary, yet not difficult.
what? "whole lot faster" - ??... "can take a couple of weeks depending on the thickness of the bok" what sort of drugs are smoking out of your book? and who ever recommended the router idea is N-U-T-S!!! how'd that rotozip idea work out?? you guys are banned from the wood shop until further notice...
im liking the rotozip idea, it just seems faster
Or better yet, you could use a wood router (plunge-based ones would probably work the best) instead of a jigsaw. Less likely to ruin the book this way.
nibbler1257 years ago
i made one and i stash all my lighters inside of it it can hold like 15 lighters and some zippo fuel
szechuan537 years ago
I pressed the pages with the hole flat and glued the edges with a paintbrush
grimfig7 years ago
It is better to use a hard bound book.
lucizzle7 years ago
What if you were to screw the pages together? Like in the Invisble bookshelf project - just the two outer corners, and then cut away all the pages? If you clamped the bulk of the pages before drilling, and used flat headed screws like in the tute I mentioned, you should get a fairly nice result... right? I might try it tonight myself... I'll let you know how it works. :)
estonianmk7 years ago
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