Introduction: Secret Compartment: Floss Container

Picture of Secret Compartment: Floss Container

did you ever want to pass secret messages without anyone knowing? well you can now make one

Step 1: Dissasembling the Container

Picture of Dissasembling the Container

first open the lid and pull the container apart. 

Step 2: Taking Floss and Blade Out

Picture of Taking Floss and Blade Out

remove the floss and then carefully pull out the blade

Step 3: Making Note

Picture of Making Note

make your secret note fold it and put It in your container

Step 4: Close Container

Picture of Close Container

close the front part to the back part  and squeeze till it snaps shut. close the top

Step 5: Your Done

Picture of Your Done

now your secret compartment/note deliverer is done.


audreyobscura (author)2014-05-20

Thats a nice spy trick.

ljm911 (author)audreyobscura2014-05-26

I just dropped some floss one time and it opened haha

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