Picture of secret compartment in phone!!!
a cool way to keep your secrets hidden!

Step 1: Gather the materials

Picture of gather the materials
you will need:
a phone with a removable back and battery
a pen

Step 2: Remove the back

Picture of remove the back
instructable 003.jpg
you will need to remove the back and the battery. your secret message will go under the battery

Step 3: Cut the paper

Picture of cut the paper
cut a square of paper just small enough to fit in behind the battery. cardboard is too thick, but you could hide money! bwahahaha!!!

Step 4: Write the secret!

Picture of write the secret!
write down your secret. this could be passwords, codes, secret notes, but forget this step if you are
hiding money! bwahahahahaha!!!

Step 5: Put in the paper...

Picture of put in the paper...
put in the secret message or the money. make sure the paper does not touch the battery contacts, or the phone will not work. also, remember that you hid this in your phone. forgetting could be annoying.

Step 6: Replace the back

Picture of replace the back
instructable 008.jpg
put in the battery, then put on the back.

Step 7: You've finished!

Picture of you've finished!
congratulations! you now have a secret-message-holding phone, and the best bit is, no-one will suspect there is anything in there! this is my first instructable, please post comments and tell me how i did, thanks. author's note: you could also put in a micro sd card with password protection, instead of paper.
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People, people, think of what you are doing by putting paper or dollars in your phone! This is like putting insulation in the phone. The result is that it will make the phone hotttttttt. Don't complain when your phone overheats and fails. Remember that the battery is being charged and a hot battery makes the operating system fail.
iv been doing this for a while until i got an id and dl and needed a wallet
bwool14 years ago
If you put money in the back of your cell phone and you lose it or someone takes it, you have just lost two things of value, not just one.
One. (author)  bwool14 years ago
when you lose 90 dollars worth of phone, a dollar bill doesn't really matter
netbuddy One.3 years ago
You paid $90 for a pile of Samsung ****

I see you were hood winked. I had the misfortune to take on a contract phone that was a Samsung P200 and it was a constant pain and money drain from the dropped calls, miss billed and charges applied for roaming when my provider was "In Area" and so on. I then switched to a Sony phone and have had no problems with it and it didn't require "Software" to allow the phone to charge via the USB socket of a computer. One thing Samsung phone look for when stuffed in to a USB socket is if the machine is Windows, under Linux the P200 charged no problem but under a M$ operating system it would simply declare that USB charging was not available. Install the Samsung suit and what do you know, USB charging is suddenly available...

A lesson to the wise, aware and privacy conscious... Most products that "Require" software to perform the most basic of functions should be treated with suspicion and especially where your device holds personal stuff like contact lists, etc.

I have to say the newest sony phone I have appears to have gone down that route yet the old sony phone which is about 2 years old now works a charm and charges from any USB without the requirement of software.

One. (author)  netbuddy3 years ago
and anyway, this phone is prepay... I only ever get charged for texts and calls. USB charging and stuff doesn't need software, you just plug it in and it comes up as a USB storage device. i think mine is an sgh-b520v so its probably different
One. (author)  netbuddy3 years ago
oh, it goes okay.
sorry about flaming you before, I was kinda having a moment...
toogers One.4 years ago
but what if you left a hundred dollar bill in there? (it's a stupid thing to do, i know, so that's why i don't.)
One. (author)  toogers4 years ago
then you lost one hundred and ninety dollars
netbuddy3 years ago
Resorting to rude comments about ones mother who has been deceased some 15 Years is not funny and shows you have the maturity of a 6 year old.

I don't have any instruct-ables as I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, most of what I would have instructable'd on has already been done, done again and over done by some other person.

When you sweep away the kiddied building Kernx / lego crap and FLUNKERS like this, as well as all the illegal stuff like dumpster diving, it is illegal as is using power from a telephone socket and other dangerous or downright stupid stunts guised as instruct-ables... you begin to see some truly ingenious inventions.

Its time waster posts like those that make this site look trashy and less appealing than when it first started.

I now prefer to use eHow sites as they are more "Educationally" geared and better structured.

I come here to keep up to date with any changes in some of the projects that are on this site that are truly worth the time to spend.

So go play with your lego or kernex or whatever the latest whiz bang toy is the sliced bread of the moment.
Sick_Nixon4 years ago
ha ha ha i do that all the the time with the coat check ticket when i go clubbing (i'm always afraid of loosing it!!!!!!!!) anyways.. very good trick and there is some more practical purposes to it but again, very nice one!!
jhn474 years ago
hank2175 years ago
 awesome i'm definatly going to use this. Thanks!
cool, i never thought of that b4, great idea. I'm using it too.
knex_mepalm4 years ago
Maybe a sheet of Nitroglycerine will be better if you are trying to kill yourself.
One. (author)  knex_mepalm4 years ago
Its an explosive. This method is extremely dangerous, I suggest another hiding place.
Me too! this is awesome!
netbuddy4 years ago
YET another "FLUNKER" posting a "FLUNK" which is a term that describes pointless posts on sites like these where you find that people with too much time on their hands post utter drivel like these items.

jermancek4 years ago
Omfg... you peoples are relly stupid ("what if you lose it?")... omg... Like il say, "what happen if I dont rimember wher i put it?") !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?... The answer is easy -----> dont lose it or dont borrow it to your friend ;@
I side with him drop cover goes flying battery goes flying into crowed of people "wheres mypassword? I mean battery"    
knuckel4 years ago
 vary good instructabule, i like it but you need to poast what else you can hide in thayer.
skoolerror25 years ago
grear man like the idear but what happans if you lose your phone or your friend taks it
One. (author)  skoolerror25 years ago
 umm, i dont know. i guess you're screwed if you lose it, but wouldn't your friend give it back if he took it?
i gess so
That was pretty anti-climactic.
Not really a "secret compartment". It just a compartment. And it's a pre-made one; you didn't give any instructions on how to make anything etc.
steelnix4 years ago
UHHH....Why not just store the info in your phone....hmmm under draft text message is one place...or under a bogus contact name....
admin5 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!