Picture of secret compartment in phone!!!
a cool way to keep your secrets hidden!
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Step 1: Gather the materials

Picture of gather the materials
you will need:
a phone with a removable back and battery
a pen

Step 2: Remove the back

Picture of remove the back
instructable 003.jpg
you will need to remove the back and the battery. your secret message will go under the battery

Step 3: Cut the paper

Picture of cut the paper
cut a square of paper just small enough to fit in behind the battery. cardboard is too thick, but you could hide money! bwahahaha!!!

Step 4: Write the secret!

Picture of write the secret!
write down your secret. this could be passwords, codes, secret notes, but forget this step if you are
hiding money! bwahahahahaha!!!

Step 5: Put in the paper...

Picture of put in the paper...
put in the secret message or the money. make sure the paper does not touch the battery contacts, or the phone will not work. also, remember that you hid this in your phone. forgetting could be annoying.

Step 6: Replace the back

Picture of replace the back
instructable 008.jpg
put in the battery, then put on the back.

Step 7: You've finished!

Picture of you've finished!
congratulations! you now have a secret-message-holding phone, and the best bit is, no-one will suspect there is anything in there! this is my first instructable, please post comments and tell me how i did, thanks. author's note: you could also put in a micro sd card with password protection, instead of paper.
People, people, think of what you are doing by putting paper or dollars in your phone! This is like putting insulation in the phone. The result is that it will make the phone hotttttttt. Don't complain when your phone overheats and fails. Remember that the battery is being charged and a hot battery makes the operating system fail.
iv been doing this for a while until i got an id and dl and needed a wallet
bwool14 years ago
If you put money in the back of your cell phone and you lose it or someone takes it, you have just lost two things of value, not just one.
One. (author)  bwool14 years ago
when you lose 90 dollars worth of phone, a dollar bill doesn't really matter
jhn474 years ago
hank2175 years ago
 awesome i'm definatly going to use this. Thanks!
cool, i never thought of that b4, great idea. I'm using it too.
Me too! this is awesome!