Introduction: Seed Spacing Stick

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looking for a quick way to space your plants to start your garden try making this.

Plants need good spacing most the plants need ether 3 inch of 12 inch or something in between. So i made a stick that will allow you to lay it in the garden and it will mark the places where you should plant.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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  1. 2 3/4 X 48" round dowel rod
  2. 1 2X2 by 8' or 2x4 by 8
  3. drill press or drill
  4. 3/4 drill bit
  5. saw
  6. measuring tape
  7. marker

Step 2: Marking

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first take the 2x2 and mark it on one side every 3 inches. then flip in over and mark every 12 inches. as well as mark your dowel every 2 inches.

Step 3: Cutting and Drilling

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cut the dowel in 2" sections

next drill 1" deep where you marked on the 2x2 using the 3/4" drill bit. then flip over and drill every 12" but only drill 1/2" down. the other option is to drill all the way through but you will need seven 4" dowels.

Step 4: Setting the Pegs

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you dont need to use any glue just use friction just hammer in every piece of dowel. once you have hammered all the dowels your done

Step 5: Finished

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Using is very easy just press in ground and lift straight up and ta da perfectly spaced holes and rows.

Step 6: Use

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roballoba (author)2014-03-30

Are you the same guy who plants those perfect forests where all the trees line up in neat rows? I love this idea!

buddsblades (author)roballoba2014-03-30

ssssshhhhhh dont tell everyone.thanks

Willie Kruger (author)2014-03-26

So simple but so functional!!

Misac-kun (author)2014-03-26

That's "ground braking", excelent idea.

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