Make the trail your dog walks visible with this tool. By giving your dog a seedbag to wear it will spread seeds while walking around. In time a grown path of plants will be shown.

Step 1: Making the Seedbag

To maak the seedbag you first need an aluminium pipe, two plastic caps and a dog collar. You can remove the caps to fill the seedbag with seeds.
I wonder what natural herbs we can shove in there to turn it into a flea collar or something
Cool idea!
Hey! Indeed a nice idea! I have thought of some other ways of use for it: - For indoors, you could place seeds in the bag which smell nice. This way you won't be bothered by the possible bad smell of your dog anymore. Make sure the holes are not to big, because the seeds should stay in for this function! - You could turn the idea around. Instead of spreading seeds on the wasteland, you could let your dog collect seeds or other small parts of nature. This way you get a nice collage which changes every season. - You could change the construction. Make it from two tubes instead of one that fit eachother. By rotation the outside tube you can change the size of the holes and close and open the seedback. This comment is places by phekkenberg
Interesting idea. I like it!!

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