Seeed studio office is a very open office and the meeting room is not an individual room, sometimes guys may enjoy the discussion too much and bother other guys who work beside.
In this case we decide to make a noise notifier. We also have a cute potted plant on the meeting board and a humidity notifier can benefit it.
Figure 1:System used by the module: seeeduino (v328) module for control of all sensors and drive buzzer alarm; humidity sensor for detecting outside humidity; voice detection module for detection of external noise; buzzer module and Led lamp module for alarm function; 9V power supply for the system.
Part lists
1 x Seeeduino V328
1 x TemperatureHumidity Sensorhttp://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/
1 x microphone with amplifier
1 x Buzzer(A/D):http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/electronic-brick-buzzerad-p-480.html?cPath=48_54
1 xLighting Emitting Diode(A/D):

Step 1: Alarm Modules

Here I used an LED light and buzzer, alarm system formed by them. LED warning lights flashing when needed, the buzzer sounds.
The Buzzer Electronic brick is connected with digital pin 7 of Seeeduino V328.
The led Electronic brick is connected with digital pin13 of Seeeduino V328.

Step 2: Noise Notifier

The sound sensing brick includes a high sensible microphone and onboard Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier. Sensitivity can be adjustable by VR1 potienmeter. Seeeduino v328 receives the digital signal of collected sound from the sound sensing brick and controls a Buzzer Electronic brick. We can set a value as default sound value. If the collected sound signal is bigger than the default sound value, the Buzzer Electronic brick will start to work.
Here we use a Seeed Electronic Brick Shield V4 to simplify the wiring between Electronic bricks and seeeduino v328.
The sound sensing brick is connected with analog pin0 of Seeeduino V328.
The Buzzer Electronic brick is connected with digital pin 7 of Seeeduino V328.

Step 3: Humidity Notifier

Seeed humidity and temperature Electronic brick can detect the environmental temperature and humidity and output two corresponding analog signals to seeeduino.
The same way as Noise notifier we set a default Humidity value to control a LED Electronic brick.
If the environmental Humidity is smaller than the default humidity value, the led Electronic brick will start to blink.
The humidity data output is connected with analog pin 1 of Seeeduino V328.
The led Electronic brick is connected with digital pin13 of Seeeduino V328.
Here we use an individual 9 V battery to supply power to these 2 systems.
great job please tell me from where you have taken seeeduino v328 because the url has been expired and i have to buy it<br>.<br>
you will find the light emitting diode and the buzzer module retired thouhj. But these are easily constructed yourself <br>
Google can be your friend: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/seeeduino-v221-atmega-328p-p-669.html

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