Self-exploding Knex Grenade





Introduction: Self-exploding Knex Grenade

Okay, so for my first instructable, i wanted to do something small.
One day, i was fooling around with my knex, and then i thought of it! It's the best way to start out a knex battle. Put three rubberbands on, and ask your friend to put the fourth one on, and then, it explodes in his face!LOL!

Step 1: Parts List!

okay, here you will find all the knex pieces you need(and rubberbands!). If you don't have enough knex for this, i dont know why you're on this site.

Step 2: Building It!

ok, build it. if you have any questions, then quit knex!

Step 3: Rubberbands!

the rubberbands!

Step 4: The Aftermath




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    the comment section on here is longer than the actual instructable! XD

    when is it DONE???

    When it explodes and your head goes with it. Just make sure to clean up your brains on the wall.

    W00000T LONGEST CHAT EVAR !!!!!!! and i statred it mohahahahha

    This is actually pretty fun! Put on just enough and then throw it 4 extra viciousness!

    seriously whats in the center boxes, how do we get to them.  whats with the really long "theaftermath"?

    Center boxes: nothing important.
    Really long "the aftermath": I was bored.