Picture of self targeting laser turret

This instructable is to show that a little ingenuity with left over parts can create hours of entertainment.

This laser turret is perfect for popping those hard to reach balloon or other applications one might think of.

What you have is a turret that is controlled manually.

Using a little software you can have a self targeting laser turret.

This project resulted in a self targeting laser turret with:

1. 250 mw red laser

2. USB controlled relay (phidget branded)

3. Turret (dream cheeky usb missile launcher)

4. Camera (VGA Endoscope)

5. Software targeting (roborealm)

I designed the turret to pop balloons.

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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need

List of the hardware, tools and software used.

1. Wire

2. 250 mw red laser, battery powered

3. Balloons, assorted colours (used just blue for this project)

4.Tiny flat head screw driver (commonly phone is phone repair kits)

5. 6V Power adapter

6. Elastics

7. Wirestrippers

8. USB controlled relay (Phidget Inc. branded)

9. USB Missile Launcher (Dream Cheeky)

10. USB Camera (VGA endoscope)

11. Windows 7 PC


1. USB Missile controller software

2. Webcamera Software

3. USB Relay control Software

4. Roborealm (if you want the easiest method, I would use this software)

dairyfarmer77710 months ago

That first balloon took a while to pop. Is there a way to calibrate it?

auvox (author)  dairyfarmer77710 months ago

There is a focusing lens on the laser I was using. Because my targets were at different distances I had to keep the field of focus large. In hindsight I could have dialled the lens in better but the equipment I was using it would have been a manual correction everytime.