easy to make and shoots good.

Step 1: Gun Frame

build the frame.

Step 2: Supports

build the supports.

Step 3: Magazine

build the magazine.

Step 4: Trigger

build the trigger.

Step 5: Magazine and Gun Frame.

put the gun frame and magazine together.

Step 6: Ram Rod

putting on the ram rod.

Step 7: Getting Ammo

the red pieces are the ammo.
you say this seat is that of a '68 Charger... The General is not a '68, but a '69.... Big difference in body styles.... I hope you're not replicating a General Lee on a '68 Charger.... In the show, a few '68s were used, but never shown from rear angles, because of the drastic difference in taillights
we did make a 68 into a general lee. there is not much difference in the 68 and the 69. taillights, sidelights, the grille, and a few minor items. other then that there really is not a difference... the 67 was TOTALY different but the 68, 69 and 70 were almost the same, the body style were the same.
how does the trigger work?
It stops the ram from going and you just press the piece shown in the picture above to send it out. @0_0@
i like the easyer trigger then fausts.
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big gunner, howd u know that? THATS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS!!!! Snow (hey Oh)
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that was random, sniper.
I like dodge chargers
01, 1698 dodge charger, wait a sec thats the general lee! form the orignal (witch is better) Dukes of Hazzard
Cooter (from the original) Said the new one was all about smut and violence
Dukes of Hazzard seat? Sweet (btw before you get a bunch of negative comments its bolt action/auto load not semi auto)
thanks and the seat is a dukes of hazzard seat my dad has a general lee.
i mean i envey you!
me to!
Awesome! I'm envious
This isn't even really semi-auto. learn your terms next time... Can that trigger hold any good power?
The trigger only jams the useless gun that breaks ever time you fire it. I destroyed it within 12 hours. Don't waste your time. No offense to the creator.
not semi auto
once again a person who doesnt read about semi-auto

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