Introduction: Auto Load Hand Gun

Picture of Auto Load Hand Gun

easy to make and shoots good.

Step 1: Gun Frame

Picture of Gun Frame

build the frame.

Step 2: Supports

Picture of Supports

build the supports.

Step 3: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

build the magazine.

Step 4: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

build the trigger.

Step 5: Magazine and Gun Frame.

Picture of Magazine and Gun Frame.

put the gun frame and magazine together.

Step 6: Ram Rod

Picture of Ram Rod

putting on the ram rod.

Step 7: Getting Ammo

Picture of Getting Ammo

the red pieces are the ammo.


Cadillachearseguy (author)2010-03-20

you say this seat is that of a '68 Charger... The General is not a '68, but a '69.... Big difference in body styles.... I hope you're not replicating a General Lee on a '68 Charger.... In the show, a few '68s were used, but never shown from rear angles, because of the drastic difference in taillights

we did make a 68 into a general lee. there is not much difference in the 68 and the 69. taillights, sidelights, the grille, and a few minor items. other then that there really is not a difference... the 67 was TOTALY different but the 68, 69 and 70 were almost the same, the body style were the same.

nerfer192 (author)2007-12-07

um well that was kinda mean but in the world of knex, this is "semi auto", since only mepain has developed a real "semi" system, wich still isnt a real semiauto, because you dont cock it first, just put in the knex in clip and pull trigger, but i have yet to see a "real semi auto matic" knex gun with recoil reloading like a 9mm or sumtin.

Dutchj (author)nerfer1922007-12-08

The definition of a semi-auto is that when you pull the trigger, a shell fires. The only thing that has to be done is reloading. This has been achieved by a couple of guns, including oodalump's, mepain's and even mine. I agree that mine and oodalump's aren't 100% legit, because the trigger must be let go of in order to shoot again. But Mepain's is a true semi-auto. A gun doesn't need recoil, or a clip reload to be semi automatic.

An Villain (author)Dutchj2009-06-07

don't forget extreme builders, and ednator55's.

nerfer192 (author)Dutchj2007-12-08

um i have a design for semi auto which i wont yet tell but i dont now if ive got enough peices for the idea in my head.

biggunner (author)nerfer1922007-12-23

will you tell me the design.

nerfer192 (author)biggunner2007-12-23

its hard to expalin.

biggunner (author)nerfer1922007-12-23


sniper99 (author)nerfer1922007-12-09

yeah i know. You canty make knex gunz with like EXACT performance of a real gun. ==WOOT==

nerfer192 (author)sniper992007-12-09

even in airsoft, you can make it look like it has blowback, but not really.

flames10391 (author)2007-10-24

how does the trigger work?

T.M.M . (author)flames103912008-11-07

It stops the ram from going and you just press the piece shown in the picture above to send it out. @0_0@

knex0123 (author)2008-07-17


biggunner (author)2007-12-09

zap89 (author)biggunner2008-04-19

thats a sick type engine on that, what series?

dsman195276 (author)2008-01-29

i like the easyer trigger then fausts.

sniper99 (author)2007-12-06

biggunner (author)sniper992007-12-09

sniper99 (author)biggunner2007-12-09

big gunner, howd u know that? THATS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS!!!! Snow (hey Oh)

biggunner (author)sniper992007-12-09

nerfer192 (author)sniper992007-12-07

that was random, sniper.

casvandegoor (author)2007-11-12

I like dodge chargers

biggunner (author)casvandegoor2007-11-13


Metal4God (author)biggunner2007-11-25

01, 1698 dodge charger, wait a sec thats the general lee! form the orignal (witch is better) Dukes of Hazzard

adamsdead (author)Metal4God2007-11-30

Cooter (from the original) Said the new one was all about smut and violence

adamsdead (author)2007-10-25

Dukes of Hazzard seat? Sweet (btw before you get a bunch of negative comments its bolt action/auto load not semi auto)

biggunner (author)adamsdead2007-10-25

thanks and the seat is a dukes of hazzard seat my dad has a general lee.

Metal4God (author)biggunner2007-11-25

i mean i envey you!

Metal4God (author)biggunner2007-11-25

me to!

adamsdead (author)biggunner2007-10-26

Awesome! I'm envious

Dutchj (author)2007-10-25

This isn't even really semi-auto. learn your terms next time... Can that trigger hold any good power?

Liberty Prime (author)Dutchj2007-11-22

The trigger only jams the useless gun that breaks ever time you fire it. I destroyed it within 12 hours. Don't waste your time. No offense to the creator.

bunduk (author)2007-10-26

not semi auto

smidge147 (author)2007-10-25

once again a person who doesnt read about semi-auto

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