Auto Load Hand Gun




Introduction: Auto Load Hand Gun

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easy to make and shoots good.

Step 1: Gun Frame

build the frame.

Step 2: Supports

build the supports.

Step 3: Magazine

build the magazine.

Step 4: Trigger

build the trigger.

Step 5: Magazine and Gun Frame.

put the gun frame and magazine together.

Step 6: Ram Rod

putting on the ram rod.

Step 7: Getting Ammo

the red pieces are the ammo.



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    you say this seat is that of a '68 Charger... The General is not a '68, but a '69.... Big difference in body styles.... I hope you're not replicating a General Lee on a '68 Charger.... In the show, a few '68s were used, but never shown from rear angles, because of the drastic difference in taillights

    1 reply

    we did make a 68 into a general lee. there is not much difference in the 68 and the 69. taillights, sidelights, the grille, and a few minor items. other then that there really is not a difference... the 67 was TOTALY different but the 68, 69 and 70 were almost the same, the body style were the same.

    um well that was kinda mean but in the world of knex, this is "semi auto", since only mepain has developed a real "semi" system, wich still isnt a real semiauto, because you dont cock it first, just put in the knex in clip and pull trigger, but i have yet to see a "real semi auto matic" knex gun with recoil reloading like a 9mm or sumtin.

    8 replies

    The definition of a semi-auto is that when you pull the trigger, a shell fires. The only thing that has to be done is reloading. This has been achieved by a couple of guns, including oodalump's, mepain's and even mine. I agree that mine and oodalump's aren't 100% legit, because the trigger must be let go of in order to shoot again. But Mepain's is a true semi-auto. A gun doesn't need recoil, or a clip reload to be semi automatic.

    don't forget extreme builders, and ednator55's.

    um i have a design for semi auto which i wont yet tell but i dont now if ive got enough peices for the idea in my head.

    will you tell me the design.

    its hard to expalin.

    yeah i know. You canty make knex gunz with like EXACT performance of a real gun. ==WOOT==

    even in airsoft, you can make it look like it has blowback, but not really.

    It stops the ram from going and you just press the piece shown in the picture above to send it out. @0_0@


    thats a sick type engine on that, what series?

    i like the easyer trigger then fausts.

    big gunner, howd u know that? THATS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS!!!! Snow (hey Oh)