Knex Pistol With Hopper





Introduction: Knex Pistol With Hopper

Hi this is my pistol. its got standard hopper loaded drop-in barrel style and a real comfy pistol grip (courtesy of perfect duck's red impact)[red impact red impact] and i think i saw the hopper somewhere else as well, or one similar any way i can't remember so if this is your hopper say so and you can have credit. anyways i know its a block trigger so i hope 1 of you will be able to make it into a true trigger.BTW you need to cut 2 orange connectors in half to get the best out of this gun, although you could do the standard barrel with all tan clips, but mutilated orange bits work better. P.S my first instructable... be nice.

Step 1: Pistol Grip

ok the most complicated bit is probs the pistol grip so here goes...

pic 1- make 1(centre of grip)
pic 2- make 2(outsides of grip)
pic 3- add em together
pic 4- strong bits
pic 5- add strong bits

Step 2: Barrel and Hopper

ok here is where you need the dead orange bits
pic 1- the barrel
pic 2- side of hopper
pic 3- other side of hopper
pic 4- assembled front end
pic 5- front end + grip

Step 3: Trigger

The trigger mechanism
pic 1- trigger
pic 2- firing pin
pic 3- trigger attatched to front end

Step 4: Strngth and Bracing

Strengtheny bits
pic 1- strong bit
Pic's 2 and 3 gun + strong bit

Step 5: Finishing Off

right almost done
pic 1- add rubber band(s)
pic 2- hopper lid closed
pic 3- hand position



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you can replace the dead orange connectors with black ball joint connectors, then you dont have to kill your orange connectors!!!!!!

no you cant, to much friction

AWSOME GUN DUDE, I made this and it shoots far and hard, i got 7rubber bands on it

guys go to my name palce and answer the comment the question is should i post my heavy battery knex gun? answer on my website

hey i just remember i made this one ages ago and ive always used that type of loader since then :)


i like the hopper and its from oddlumbs did i spell that right but its is not semi auto

shut the crap up about the semi-auto mess!!!!!!!!!!!!

you guys are funny.

dude change the name this isnt semi auto!