microwave water FOR 1 minute THEN PUT THE sensitive plant SEEDS IN THE warm water FOR 1 minute THEN TAKE THEM OUT OF THE WATER AND PUT THEM IN moist soil SEEDS WILL germinate IN  7-20 DAYS now make sure you have a warm house temperature a temperature too cold will kill your sensitive plant  make sure there are no plant eating insects give your sensitive plant lots of light and a big plant pot like a 2 gallon bucket after 50 days you will see flower buds then pink flowers hand pollinate the flowers and wait------ then you will have sensitive plant fruit take the seeds out the fruit and put the seeds in warm water THEN TAKE THEM OUT OF THE WATER AND PUT THEM IN moist soil SEEDS WILL germinate IN  7-20 DAYS you can buy the seeds here http://seedrack.com/06.html
I like these plants I had grown them from seeds before they are not to hard to grow and are fun to play with

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