Several Uses for Old Cans





Introduction: Several Uses for Old Cans

have any cans lying around? then don't just throw them away! recycle them!

I will let you see some awesome ways to use your cans!

Step 1: Make a Fire

yes that's right! make a fire!

this is because the back of a can is a perfect parabola, that means you can focus light with it!

you will need:
a piece of chocolate
piece of paper
sunny day

step 1.
rub the chocolate over the bottom of the can until it reflects good

step 2. go outside and focus the sun with it on your piece of paper

step 3.
have fun

Step 2: Popcorn Machine

what you need:
vegetable oil

step 1
make the can; draw a triangle on the can like in the picture and cut it out like I did

step 2
make the holder. get the tealight and tape the 4 nails around it

step 3
put the mixture in. 2 teaspoons of corn and 1 teaspoon of oil

step 4
the rig; put the can on top of your nails

step 5
the popcorn; light wait add salt and enjoy!

Step 3: Make It a Target

this is actually quite familiar with those airsofters out there...
but for those who don't know:

put a can on some spot at about chest height

shoot it off

another use for a can!



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    bb guns and airsoft are about the same if you shoot someone with a gas airsoft gun it has about the same power as a bb gun

    BB guns shoot metal bb's and a typically more powerful. airsoft use plastic BB's.

    okay, thanks

    airsoft guns shoot plastic bbs. and BB guns shoot metal ones but if you have a air cannon you cann shoot any thing you want, like a stapler, cellphone, or a jackknife.

    dunno waar kan ik die mais dingen halen? kben vergete

    albert Heijn

    it makes popcorn! Wow! Im telling mom about this, i hope she'll like it

    works better with bb guns