sew up that nasty hole in your favorite jeans without an iron on patch.

Step 1: Step One

The hole in these jeans are at the knee, to fit them onto the sewing machine you need to flip them inside out and take out the outside seam. but just enough to fit it on your machine with a little wiggle room to sew.
Nice, i should have seen this earlier because i had a small hole and then i went on trampoline and now its massive :(
aw man thats bad, sorry that your pants riped. you can try and do this to a bigger hole like yours, unless its a crazy shape and would be too much work.
Thanks :P i went to the Levi's store and got a new pair in the sale !, the hole on the old jeans was S shaped so i just used a needle and thread and sewed it up, looks messy though :D
Haha, nice 'ible, though I published <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Sewing-with-steel/">This</a> and hour or so before you, I probably should have done it your way... However look at the pics, the jeans are even similar weight and whatnot... <br/><br/>Also for the macro pics: Good job getting bright close-ups, people usually fall down on this point, as a pointer try using a baby tripod or resting both your arms on solid object to help with blurring, it's annoying when the thing's sitting in your lap but it can be done... <br/>
i saw your 'ible too its really cool, and thanks for the input i do have a mini tripod that came with my camera i forgot i had it tho, so next time i will use it. Thanks man.
Thanks, it's always annoying to get good macros on stuff like this, they don't reflect enough light...
ive heard about using baby tripods before... but mine will never stay still long enough. the little buggers always throw up or fall down or something. any suggestions?
Well I have a fairly hefty creative compact, an olympus Sp-560UZ and I have great results with the gorilla pod, just the baby one, granted most of the time I just put a solid object under my hand holding the camera and that works nicely...

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