Sewing Machine Thread Holder


Introduction: Sewing Machine Thread Holder

Some sewing machines come with a thread holder built into the top surface just behind and to the left of the needle plate. Most low cost machines don't have this feature. With just a button, drill and sheet metal screw, one can make one's sewing a delight, especially while doing delicate work. Simply enlarge the hole in the button so the screw passes through without grabbing. Drill a smaller hole in the plastic body of the machine and screw it in place, adjusting the tension as you prefer. A button with one convex surface toward the machine works just like the tension discs on any machine. The tension between the button and plastic body holds the thread firmly and away from the fabric and needle assembly avoiding clumping of the thread underneath the fabric and bobbin. Thus the first few stitches start off smoothly allowing you to fully concentrate on the sewing rather than the clumping!



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    im new to sewing . i was wondering if you could post a picture from a farther distance

    This looks like a great idea. Thanks!