this is one of my new bite no!no!no!!!!  ok as i was saying this is a drawing of a shark...i named him sharky...:P


                                                                                                       like it
It's k
Joanjett773710 months ago
happyjo3 years ago
Great job! Sharkie is the bomb! :D It has always been hard for me to draw fish and other underwater creatures but you obviously have no problem with it! :D :D :D :D


Like it!
ok? this is a ok shark but not the best!
Well, compared to my underwater creature drawings, this is impressive! I wish I could draw sharks that good and he drew it at a nice angle that can be a bit tricky, but gives the animal depth.
I LIKE TURTLES (author)  happyjo3 years ago
thx it only took a few mins 2 XD
Sometimes it can be enjoyable to just draw something in a few minutes!
I LIKE TURTLES (author)  happyjo3 years ago
i think i shuld try to try to draw my turtle steve next =Þ
I LIKE TURTLES (author)  yportillo3 years ago
you think you can do better huh?
He is just looking for a reason to tell someone they are only "ok"
I LIKE TURTLES (author)  yportillo3 years ago
lets see it!
I LIKE TURTLES (author) 3 years ago



and yes sharkie is awsum..JK
Sharkie is da bomb!