should have welded those holes the bondo will over time shrink the crack due to vibration. for heavy applications you are better of laying a base of Dura glass the using the bondo for a smooth finish.  
2nup3505 years ago
a few important points. be sure to wire the ground for the switches through the neutral safety switch so you cannot open the doors while driving. also, WELD the door locks so they CANNOT be locked(experience speaks here-i had a car lock itself after 2 years of trouble free operation, the door locks just fell down even with no rods on them) you don't need the inside door locks anyway. and one last point- please reformat this instructable to eliminate the run on sentences. i had a hard time deciphering it.
hughgoh5 years ago
does this lock also? Does the actuator go both ways? push, and pull? Thanks
Rishnai6 years ago
I have to agree with everyone else: that bondo isn't going to last. Bondo works great when applied to a stable substrate and applied no more than 1/16 of an inch thick. These meets neither of these criteria. Please let us know how long it lasts, but my money isn't on that being very long. One alternative to actually doing the proper metalworking, which is easy, but still a pain if you don't enjoy bodywork, is to take some steel and rough out the contour. Weld or braze it in, then apply bondo or lead, and sand until it matches. It's much less likely to crack or fall off that way.