make a genuinely usable sheath knife from stuff you probably have around the house, with a veneered handle, in less than 2 hours.

Step 1: Get Yer Stuff

I'm guessing this will take a about 2 hrs to make. it's a compromise between the rough and ready 'toolles butterknife blade' and the polished lovelyness of 'basta's blade.
your gonna need;
A butterknife, thats good quality - the width of the blade should taper towards the end, and be quite thick.
about a foot of 1"x1/6" ish hardwood stock. I used jetoba, which is pretty, but anythng will do
some good, fast drying glue. i used '5 minute polyurethane'
*optional is a bit of thin veneer(?)y stuff in a contrasting colour to you handle

tools n things;
A dremel, essential (unless you have a lot of files and and a months worth of patience)
with a grinder bit, a cut off wheel, a polishing wheel and a sander thingy.
A hammer
a fretsaw (you could use a hacksaw)
a vice
an old sock
a gas cooker
umm. and some goggle. bits of metal in your eyes is not fun. casualty and a sadistic nurse with tweezers will await you.
During the heat treatment the orangey color comes from not heating the blade enough, to change the temper, your blade must go from gold to purple-blue to a steel color. And a butter knife is not the best thing to make a knife from, its not very high quality steel.
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if you wait more than like 2 seconds in between red hot, and quenching, you will be making the knife softer, a LOT softer. The metal cools fast because it's so thin, and if it cools naturally, it's like annealing. thats a really nice looking edge picture, but I would have sharpened only one side. I like chisel edges more. They're sharper, safer, and way more practical. and what was wrong with the butter knife handle? just drill a hole in it and wrap some paracord around it.
chisle edges are actually alot duller but easier to sharpen and there not at all safer and why are they more practiclal???
paracord? phh. i was trying to make an object of beauty..:P and pyro13? im coming for you...
Your tempering process seems unnecessary since the blade is heat treated at the factory. In addition, you tempered but did not draw in this process. This means that the blade will be hard but very brittle. A very dangerous situation for such a thin blade. I have made several such knives as usable costume accessories, all acquired at thrift stores for pocket change. My criteria was get as thick a blade as possible, have blade and handle be one piece so I don't have to build a handle (though sometimes they need cutting or shaping) and get something stylish. Several visits to the stores may be necessary to get a REALLY good looking knife. BTW, the 420 stainless steel that most table ware is made of is the same steel that is used in inexpensive SS knives. Over all you gave a fine presentation.
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when i try to make this instructible, im gonna try to put in serrations. sure hope it works. great instuctable bt da way
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can u do a another one for a sheath for the knife above?....thx
perhaps the next instructable could be that sheath in step 6. I have a military surplus combat knife, (I do not intend to use it for anthing resembling combat, except maybe combat with fresh veggies, but it's made of pretty good steel and thus I have it) but it lacks a sheath. I have tried to use whatever schtuff I had on hand, folded and sewed nylon strap, corregated plastic and ducttape, etc, to no avail. What has worked best so far is a hinged plastic clamshell doohickey made for storing razoredged kitchen knives. It doesn't work great, but spetternnothin. I have yet to find a scrap of stiff leather (or any kind of leather) suitable for the job. As for your entry, to my knowledge butterknives are made of stainless steel, which is nicely durable and rustproof, but prone to snapping or shattering if dropped on something hard by a klutz such as moy. With that sort of handle contruction, spiffy decorative inlays or perhaps a hidden compartment come to my mind...
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eheh sprry about this on learning a lot more thanks to all sorts of friendly people and aquiring some proper materials :P i have made some half decent knives which i shall post asap toodles
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My eight year old LOVED this instructable. I should be wondering about that but he's been hunting since he was five. Finally a blade he can "make on his own"...yes, he'll be surpervised for the forging bit. Thanks again for the instructable!
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nice instructions, i'd make one, but it's not really worth it to me...
this isnt really knife making as in how to get a butterknife pointy. that doesnt mean it isnt fun or that it doesnt look impressive to someone who doesnt know its just a butterknife shank, but knifemaking is alot more involved than this... but still, you got the time, and the excess of butterknives, wth, just sharpen them all, heck, even make a pointy spoon or two.
Short, lacking un-useful non-sense tid bits which waste time<br/>and simple my friend, to the point.<br/><br/>Congrats on stripping it to the bare essentials.<br/><br/>Brilliant simply brilliant... I am a forger.... I understand and appreciate the art of forging a blade from a piece of steel, but this is <strong>simply</strong> beautiful....<br/><br/>congrats again....<br/>
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You scare me! Great instructable, especially for your first time. I have always wanted to make one, but never had the time and resources. Maybe this summer. Anyways, great job! +1

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