simple shield, sword (retractable), parry (retractable)

Step 1: Gather Materials (shield)

48 gray/orange rods, 80 (see pic), 4 half circles, 2 white rods,80 green rods,

Step 2: Assemble

use the pic to make the following.

Step 3: Handle of Shield

the handle that will hold the shield to your arm. then attach as shown in the pic.

Step 4: Completion

now you are done. the sword and the parry i will post later. (didnt have time)
This is AMAZING!!! Jk, sorry, it sucks. What do you think a "parry" is?
hey killer towels, the shield thing: 1) needs to tell you how to assemble it fully (well, it already does[partly]) 2)the instructions are a bit hard to read, so can you change them please anyway, it is really good | | \_/
you can build the sheild from just that<br />
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you cant reply when theyre real :P<br />
You can't fool me :-P
Shield is nice, sword is.... not so really nice.
nice sheild
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This is awful, i'm really sorry. It's not even a robot entry.
Its better than yours!
whoa its ma second instructable. i did my best and thats the only thing that matters! : )
This is cool! the swords could be a bit more......... sword like. But overall, great!

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