Shock Machine

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Introduction: Shock Machine

well, its my first instructable so it may be bad if you put bad critics i wont see them but if there are questions i'll answer.
it's very cheap, like 10 bucks or a shock machine, its very funny to put to max level and see the face of the other guy.
its high voltage but low current (it's like 40 v .5 Amp)

Step 1: Components

you will need:

2 LEDs
1 Variable resistor 100 K
1 Transformer for 12 V with central derivation
1 switch
1 NPN transistor TIP31C
1 Resistor 560 OHM
1 or 2 battery clip (for 4 AA batteries)
4 AA batteries
2 Copper tubes
a lot of wire
soldering iron

Step 2: The Circuit

well here its the circuit:

Step 3: Thats It !!!

if you want more power you can put a 9 V battery but you have to put 3 LEDs.
if you take it to school you can win a lot of $$$ money $$$!!!



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    Estas bien puñetas

    I was wondering how bad this hurts on a scale of 1-10? Im trying to make sure it does less than 5 because im doing an experiment, also does it have anything to signal that its on, say a light that lights up? Contact me at

    Hello, You did not mention the voltage of the LEDS

    when i hit the button alls that it does is lights up im not very good at schematics could send me somthinge that could help

    nothing it charges the transformer and then releases the shock once and then you reset it by turning it off

    hey man i tried hookin it up just like d electrical diagram but it only shocks u wen u turn on an turn off the power switch wat am i doin wrong


    no tengo camara pero baje esa foto, yo la hice.

    Can you e-mail a hand sketch of what it should look like or type out the instruction on how to do this. I am totally lost.

    i got one i got it at mexico for 200 pesos but i think it was at the centro and i kinda makes you money but eh idk here in new york there rare

    can i use a tip 3055 transister