Picture of shoebox solar oven
I made this solar oven from nothing but:
a shoebox (with lid attached, not removavel),
an old winter shirt,
a plastic bag,
some black paper,
two pencils,
and alluminium foil.
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Step 1: The lid

Picture of the lid
Cut the lid like the image.

Step 2: The ''glass"

Picture of the ''glass
To do the glass put some air in the bag and seal it. Now bend it in half and remove some air until it gets about 2cm thick.
Then glue it to the shoebox like the image.

Step 3: The insulation

Picture of the insulation
To insulate the oven, cut the shirt and line the inside of the box with it. Next do the same with the black paper.

Step 4: The ''mirror''

Picture of the ''mirror''
To do the mirror line the inside of the lid with alluminium foil.

Step 5: The adjuster

Picture of the adjuster
To the adjuster glue two pencils and put one of the throw the shoebox's hole. Use it to adjust the mirror  to reflect the sun to the oven.
diya.dosad.79 months ago

thanx i made it for my brother he got to make project on solar energy i m very very thankful to u thanx once again

JohnS1710 months ago

Um... How do you put stuff in it? Do you have to rip off the plastic bag?

tgferreira184 (author)  JohnS1710 months ago

No. You just open the lid as you would normally do on any shoebox.

triumphman3 years ago
well, does it cook anything, or is this theoretical! Show us something tangible.
tgferreira184 (author)  triumphman3 years ago
I put an apple on it around 12 o' clock, in a cloudy day and at 20 o'clock it was almost cooked, but solar ovens, unless hi-tech they are very slow. To show you that solar ovens work, the first was able to melt rock!
Rock ?
tgferreira184 (author)  triumphman3 years ago
yes, basalt!