Shooting the Gun





Introduction: Shooting the Gun

Take one of the darts between your thumb and index finger. Hook the dart on the rubber band and pull back. When you believe the force is sufficient, let go.And, most importantly, have fun!



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I'm gouldna flag it cuz it doesent tell u bout the REAL GUN

Make a instructible on the REAL GUN like we can't shoot something we don't have(common sense)

You just make me an ocelot get it? Revolver ocelot,i love you!!!

uuuuuuhhh... Someone likes Metal Gear Solid a little too much, to the point where they are making dumb and corny jokes 'bout it. No offence.

hey i am still new whats collberations? on your own page it says collaberations and this is apparently one of mine some how???

im new to this whole site, im into blowing stuff up but im from South Australia so i cant get my hands on any good supplies, as in dont know where to get fire crackers from, solidox i can get. can anyone out there help me? cheers Clayton

hey im from victoria and i know were you can get some fireworks. there's a fire work shop in St. Kilda some where. or you could always go to new zealand.

i live in victoria but arnt fireworks & firecrackers ilegal?

only if you don't have a license. and then you need a permit to set them off depending on how big and what kind they are. but thats just going from my knowledge. just go to a store and ask them. :)