Short Instructable #2: Smallest True Trigger Gun on This Site





Introduction: Short Instructable #2: Smallest True Trigger Gun on This Site

Usually i spend my time on huge, overdone rifles with true triggers (i'm bad at making instructables for big things, when i take them apart i forget how to put it back), but this time i decided to make a tiny true triggered pistol. so, here goes.

Step 1: Make the Parts

ok, first we'll assemble all the parts.
picture 1: piece 1
picture 2: piece 2
picture 3: piece 3
picture 4: piece 3 view 2
picture 5: piece 4
picture 6: piece 5

Step 2: Connecting the Parts

ok, now we'll connect it all.
picture 1: attach pieces 1 and 2.
picture 2: add piece 3 to piece 2 (ignore the note)
picture 3: add piece 5 to piece 3
picture 4: add piece 5 to piece 1.
picture 5:add piece 4, and a rubber band to it.

Step 3: You're Done!

Thank you for viewing my instructable! I hope you enjoyed it and i'm sorry for and bad instructions, miss spellings, and/or blurry pictures.



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    15 Discussions

    It's really cool. Kind of flimsy though. You have best in my opinion.

    Not bad. I prefer to the other one but this still isn't that bad. Now try the smallest true trigger with a mag.

    3 replies

    mine is actually smaller than the one you found, but his v 1.2 is smaller than mine. i'd post a link, but i don't know how.

    you click the link tab above the comment, forum topic or instructable, type in the URL and the link name

    i think i saw one very small, have a look around for it, but if you cant find anything, you officially hold the title!

    does anybody think i should post a semi auto lego technic rbg gun? eventually i'll mod it and put a mag for pieces. heres a pick. It has an extendable barrel.


    you may quite possibly have the title for smallest gun...i think people should start putting piece counts

    1 reply