Here's how to sew a pair of drawstring shorts.
Pants are the made the same way, just make the legs longer.

I can make a pair of these in about fifteen minutes. I make a lot of similar things, like ultralight windpants, fleece pants to wear under them, bib foulie rainpants, etc. It's amazing how fast it is to make something like this, which costs big dollahs in outdoorsy stores.

Fine photos by Star

Step 1:

Find a pair of shorts you like.
Shove one pantleg sleeve into the other and flatten as seen here.
This will be your pattern.
Awesome. <br>Can it be that simple? My SO is a big 'un &amp; can rarely buy a comfortable pair of shorts.
It is important to have a noose in your yard in case things go wrong.
Haha nice ! gotta love the first pic!
Great instructions! This sets an awesome standard for the craft contest.
Good instructions, very clear, yet open to modifications. And to top it off, you look very jazzed to wear them. ++

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