do you carry pens or pencils in you're pocket? as you may know they take up allot of space this Instructable will show you how to shorten a macanical pencil and make it easier to carry in you're pocket with more room leftover

Step 1: All the Stuff You Need and Disassembly

1 papermate pencil
1 knife

start by pulling off the back then unscrew the tip and the innards should slide out the back.

Step 2: Chop It Up

I made this one a little too short but you want to cut the inside and outside case to around 3" and clean it to remove any excess shavings.

Step 3: Re-assemble

ok now that you did that re assemble it the way you took it apart and add lead and try it out
&nbsp;Hey, is it okay with you if I clean this up a little? &nbsp;Add detail, take better pictures, fix spelling, and the like? &nbsp;I'll post it with all credit to you, of course.<br /> <br /> I don't know when it'll be ready, but I wanted your OK before I even started.
sure you can make ur own verson
dude how do u cut this it cracks to easy
hacksaw works great or any other knife with small teeth
how do u make this
ya i know the quality is pretty bad
kool just wat i need :) might try it out :)

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