Shotgun Shells for Slingshots





Introduction: Shotgun Shells for Slingshots

this is a super easy way to make shotgun shells for slingshots

if you need help look at the pictures

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Step 1: Step 1

what you need:

5 bb's or corn kernels
soft tissue eg toilet roll

Step 2: Step 2

put the bb's or corn kernels on the tissue and wrap it up so you have a round ball with one layer of tissue

Step 3: Step 3

take the cotton and wrap it round the end of the ball to keep the bb's or corn kernels in wrap it around about 10 times then tie and cut it off using the scissors so you have the ball and the cotton

simply put it into your slingshot and fire at a hard surface and watch the ball explode!

put some flour or ground ginger in the ball for a bit of smoke
dont squeeze the ball to hard when loading

and thats about it look at the pictures if you need help

please cooment and rate me



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Lol, put a percussion cap from my musket and some loose gunpowder in one. I think i killed a bird :P Epic design. 5 outa 5.

how does this actually work?

when fired the tissue splits in the air dou to the power of the air then the bb's spill out over a wide range

im going to try this with small lead shot gun shot in my .22 air rifle. this is perfect because they have rounds that are buck shot for .22 long rifle but nothing for .22 air guns. they do have that one thing from gamo but its frigin expensive

Actually, on my profile I have an instructable on how to reload those air shotshells

thats cool, I will check that out sometime

so youre gonna try this with a .22 air rifle?cool

 lol, what if I stuck a firecracker in there... a firecracker surrounded by BB's that is... that'll hurt! The BB's are like shrapnel when the firecracker explodes as depicted in the following image. I made it in MS Paint (I was in a hurry). Hmm, I feel a little riot control coming to town... 

 Anyway, your so-called "shotgun shell" isn't really like a shotgun shell. It's more of a bean bag. I would recommend putting the BB's in a smaller piece of tissue (about 1/4 as much as you used) and not tying it up. It would create a sort of sabot round. When the sabot is released, the loose tissue would fly apart from the BB's  while the BB's continue onto their trajectory spreading apart from each other in a shotgun-like effect! 


-anti-animal version: same but with ground pepper / piri-piri / spicy stuff and a thicker wrapping so it explodes on impact not in the air. fire it near the things nose, watch it sneeze and run! (can also be used against people but not recommended
-explosive version: same but with those poppers that explode when you throw them on the floor.