This is a pistol or a SMG whatever you wanna call it version of the_buurito_master's assault scar 11.01
Its has a detachable mag whitch holds 15 yellows but can be modded to hold more
true trigger if you can call it that
Iron sight i think
shoots around 40ft with good rubber bands
and it uses less pieces than the scar 11.01
I have posted the gun
OMG : ) post post POST
I have posted instructions
where instuctions
the big extended version looks like a nerf longshot without the barrel attachement
thats awesome it looks like the pistol from gears of war 2
gears of war is ausome
pistol or an smg? Anyway 1. KITEMAN'S THEORY 2. You should definetly post them.
POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5*
Well, I wouldn't have the first pic as one of the SCAR, because I thought at first you were going to post the scar as your own!
-post- +or i will kill you+ -lol jp-
Post what?
if you want to....
A bit boxy, but cool. Try to make it a bit smaller and sleeker, then post.
Oh ill have you know im proud to be a box!
I knew you would like that comment!
but I like the boxy.....ness.
Much appreciated
You are most welcome sir box. Wait?...
Much appreciated =)<br/>
Meh its soso.
LoL what's up with the flaming zombie owl of doom?
Its a Canadian flag pasted over my normal atavar. Oblivitus did it.
He's messin around with my pic too. Soon I will have a neon-purple monkey!!!
BOXY! Oh ill have you know im proud to be a box...!
but I agree this is a little to boxy
I like boxy shapes that explains why I am in love with glocks and mac-10's!
It looks really cool. Definitely post soon. <sup>or else</sup><br/>

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