this a shoulder fired water bottle launcher. (i take no responsibilty for your ignornace , be safe , use good judgement and have fun!) good use old bottles, fun way to recycle (sort of anways)

for this you will need the following:

1. 10' of 1/2 " schd 40 pvc pipe (only sold in this amount)
2. 1 1/2 "t"
3. 2 1/2 caps
4. pvc primer and glue
5.lotsa zip ties
6. strong two part epoxy
7. 1 foot 1 and 1/2" pipe
8. 1 3/4" hose clamp
9. schrader valve

can all be obtained at lowes, or home depot
IM000343[1](2048x1536) 719 KB

Step 1: General assembly

cut the 1/2 pvc in these measurements: a 3 foot section a 6" section and a 12" section

now arange and glue into the police baton you see below. the front most part is 12" and the handle is the 6" and the back is 3'.

now measure 5 inches down the fron most part and make a mark around the pipe

Step 2: Zipties!!!!!!!1

take your zip ties (i used eight but ended up using only 5) and cut from the nob at the top toward the back 3 and 1/2" (refer to picture)

Step 4: Epoxy time !!!!

mix up some epoxy and rub it allover the zipties.that when it dries it looks like this:(refer to pictures)

when it's dry go ahead and put the hose clamp on it for extra security. some pictures have to be opened in another screen.srry.
IM000177[1](2048x1536) 765 KB
IM000345[1](2048x1536) 1 MB
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crapflinger5 years ago
also i'm not seeing anything about what powers the thing...air compressor? water hose? magic? not clear on how to load the bottle on either.. and yeah....most of your pictures are .tmp...not gonna work
i think its the zip ties that bend and launch it idk
pirate of doom (author) 5 years ago
yeah i know.......i must have ate bowl of pwnd flakes that morning ......sigh.......... epic fail.
Your initial image has a .tmp extension, you need to corrrect it to .jpg for it to display correctly.