Step 3: Unfold It

Unfold it........and go back to step 2
Poor Abe, he never had a chance...
chuck norris would be sad :-(
I've actually seen shrunken US paper money, but the process is to use Liquid Nitrogen.
man.. why r all u guys calling this guy stupid and stuff? he can do what he wants with his money and so can u... theres plenty of worse things to do with money....
i rather go buy something with the money than just crumbl it up
People, people. THis is clearly a perquel to his next instructable <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/ETOHXNCF0X1RUGP/?ALLSTEPS">How to Press Dollar Bills</a><br/>
geez a guy tries to do something new but noooo
guys guys you dont understand<br/>this is purely for appearances, it doesnt matter if it actually shrank but whether or not it <em>looks</em> like it shrank<br/><br/>jk i dont get it either<br/>
ya you got it right it is for apperences but really it just folded over and over on top of itself
not shrinking it... just making it all wrinkley and dumb. sorry but this is a terrible instructable
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Ever heard of the "be nice policy"?
Way to waste $5
its not wasted if you press it back again
i want my click back!!!!!
Best way to screw up a dollar iv seen in a while
This does not shrink the bill in any way, all it does is wrinkle it...So this is an Instructable on how to make a lovely, crisp, clean bill look like it went through the washer too many times? I just don't get the point...

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