welcome to shuriken for dummys first of i would like to say i this is NOT my idea i saw these on this site from another member who has since left (or at least i cant find his name or work "mog something or another" and i found it to be the BEST of its kind here it is i am new at this so cut me some slack

you will need
an electrical box cover(like 50cents from wallmart)
a sharpie marker
a cuting tool like a drimal or hacksaw(if you use power tools you need to cool off your work)
a file and or grinder

Step 1: Lets Go Big Spender

ok this is an electical box cover go to home depot or walmart it costs like 50 cents each

not a good artist its ok ill teach you how to draw this shuriken its a good idea to use cardboard or constuction paper for drawing so you can place this timplet on your box cover to fit

1. draw a 1 inch square
2. put a dot at the half inch point on all 4 sides
3. draw a line from top to bottom left to right directly over your dots going out side the box 1 and a half inches on each side
4. from the point of the square to the end of each line draw a line (the two tops go to the point of the top line the two left point to the tip of the left line (sorry i dont know how to be clearer on this)
<p>Very lethal and very good for self-defense.</p>
You said that these are $3.99, wow that is really smart when you can get these professional ones for less.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.19354">http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.19354</a><br/>They have those and tons of other styles as well.<br/>All for less that what you spend to make those, and there is no work involved.<br/>
umm well the ones i bought were 3.99 from a actual store not a website so ya there a little more but i like to keep a knife store in my town so i pay the extra... the stars you make are made for about 50cents sorry for the late reply i swear i JUST got an email saying i have a message today dec 8 2010
link doesn't work
Are shurikens illegal in Indonesia?<br />
this was great but I need to know how to make wind demons (giant shurikens)
with all due respect, in MOST cases, OF COURSE THEYRE NOT.
depends on where you live
what about British Columbia, Canada
They are prohibited weapons in all of Canada
are they legal in michigan?
Check trueswords.com
i bought my sword form there... they got 10 buck swords and they are really cool too. not floppy or easily broken. very cool...
I'm gonna order an arsenal from there.
thanks Ill look
ok.... take a spelling class, kid
you should use the punch out hole so it is easier to pull out.
the hole isn't for pulling them out of your pocket. It's incase you swallow one you can still breath :D
no its for twirling on your finger and being cool...
no i mean when you throw it a tree or piece of wood it makes it really easy to pull out.
oh :P i guess it can be used for that too :D.
Great instructable, but idon't have anything strong enough to cut the metal with.
you can buy a hack saw at any dollar store
?_? Huhh what do ya know i guess i do have a hacksaw :p. I thought that they were like an electrical type of table say or, hand held saw
well it is a hand held saw cuz u hold it in your hand when you cut it...
great just made it how do u sharpen though?
use a pencil sharpener
pencil sharmpeners are only good for making your own wooden arows... not this
they really don't need to be sharp to do there job however if you want a cutting edge a file will do or a grinder
AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GATTA GET SOME OF THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWSOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i made some of these and throo them at a car..............it didnt turn out so well
what happend?
?!?!?! a car? ..... yep shurikens for dummys lol (dont worry i did it too to my pos car just cuz you said you did wanted to see what happen)
if you have the equipment to do this you should try using bike sprockets they are heavier and are pre tempered but i must say this is a far cry better than any of the other ones i have seen on here
my ass just hurts just thinking about that
yea >.>
wow thats like exactly what i did in my instructable i just could not exactly express electrical outlet cover
yahi just finished and sharpened woot!
this is awesome i must say and only a complete jackass would try to find downsides to this, it is effective, it is durable, and thirdly it is ninja kickass and I like as we all no on my computer I am the supreme authority so asses shut up I like this hacker keep it strong.
I dont think galvanized steel rusts, thats a good thing for those of us who leave them in the yard for the bare feet and lawn mowers........ wow........ i dont wanna have one of these coming at me, shot outta a lawn mower lol
rust is actually a good thing as back in the day of the ninja before tetnus shots you would die from a scratch rust ricin and horse crap are a few favs
yay i got a tetnus shot just a couple days ago.... the doc gave me dry ice from a shipment of shots..... funn stuff dry ice is.. lol.......... if yerr thinking what i think yerr thinking. yes i did do it. funn stuff
THANK YOU GOD FINALLY A SHURIKEN INSTRUCTABLE THAT DOESN'T SUCK it isn't made of flimsy metal its cool usable and i have made the same thing before i love it
thanks i look for weapons and i get toys a star made from a cd??? and how many posts must there be about paper stars?
i know man seriously its just like when i first found this sight the first thing i saw was tetranitrate's page and thought to my self "wow a decent intelligent sight where you can post weapons" it wasn't until after i registered that i found out that the was no good old skool weapon making information (i searched weapon and i got 3 pages of kmex guns) this helped me regain my faith and also i stayed for the explosives and i never regretted it
Zombies...interesting,i'll use it to take down those squirrels that have big nuts....freaking acorns..

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